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Using the Report Tool

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The Project Reports tool can generate reports with varying degrees of detail on your entire project, chapters or even individual topics. You can also generate reports on topics modified between specific dates, topics associated with specific help window types and topics with a specified status. For details see The Report Tool.

Information you can get with the Report Tool

Word and character count for both individual topics and the entire project (Full Report mode only)

Topic details of all topics, including titles, topic IDs, help context numbers, inclusion options and date edited

Keywords in all topics, listed by topic

All hyperlinks, both to and from topics, listed by topic

All topic anchors, listed by topic, including anchor keywords and context numbers

All images used, listed by topic

Topics without index keywords

Topics without TOC entries

Unused images found in the project's image folders

Detailed project statistics, including the number of topics with topic type, number of keywords with keyword type, number of links and hotspots with types (including scripts and macros) and the number of images with names and list of where they are referenced.

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