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We offer a cross-upgrade from FastHelp to Help+Manual with a 50% discount. You must own one or more valid licenses of FastHelp to take advantage of this offer.


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Help+Manual v9, Professional Edition

The complete help and documentation solution, recommended for professional authors, software developers and small authoring teams.

What's included?

Everything - from HTML Help to Webhelp to eBook publishing, from support for version control systems to translation and localization tools. The Professional Edition also has built-in multi-user functionality. Check our product comparison table for details.

This is a per-seat license that requires local installation on your PC.

For Terminal Server installation or Citrix environments, please consider a Floating License.

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Help+Manual v9, Basic Edition

All the essentials of Help+Manual. Recommended for part-time authors, content contributors and private users.

What's included?

Includes everything you need to create professional online help, PDF documents and printed user manuals. To make Help+Manual even more affordable we have left out functionality not often needed by individual users, including translation support, version control and multi-user editing.

Please refer to our product comparison table to find out if the Basic Edition is right for you. This is a per-seat license that requires local installation on your PC.

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Help+Manual v9, Floating License

Concurrent floating license, recommended for corporate use with groups of several authors. Required for Terminal Server installation.

What's included?

The feature set of floating licenses is identical to the Professional Edition, except that the licenses are be shared among multiple users.

Floating licenses require an Internet connection on start. It is possible to check out licenses from the license pool for offline work.

For Terminal Server installations or Citrix environments, a floating license is required.

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$84.90 (Bundle)

Premium Pack 5 for Help+Manual

40+ professionally designed skins for one-click publishing: Responsive Webhelp for desktop and mobile!

What's included?

The Premium Pack combines advanced HTML functions and professional layout in a single package. In addition to slick layout with tabbed navigation and non-scrolling headers, you also get dynamic sortable tables, index search, advanced draggable and resizable JavaScript popups, a dropdown navigation menu for topics (click to scroll to headings in the topic), a mail feedback button and more.

You just select one of the "skins" when you publish your project to use the layout and add the features you want to use in either WebHelp (browser help) or HTML Help (Microsoft CHM files).

Learn more about the Premium Pack

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Help+Manual Translation Assistant

Our tool for translating H+M projects side-by-side. Includes the DeepL plugin for bulk-translations. This is a concurrent floating license.

What's included?

Help+Manual Translation Assistant (HMTA) is a powerful tool for translating Help+Manual documentation projects. It has all the features translators need to perform both original translations and updates.

The translation assistant is a stand-alone application complementing our authoring tool Help+Manual.

Learn more about the Translation Assistant

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HelpXplain Single User

The perfect tool for animated step-by-step instructions and HTML slideshows!

What's included?

HelpXplain creates step-by-step tutorials and quick instructions. The magic is in the method: HelpXplain animates a series of simple screenshots, each of which can be edited or replaced at any time.

It can also record multi-page screencasts of programs on your computer screen that run in autoplay mode like a video. Recording and editing them is massively easier than trying to create a video!

HelpXplain slideshows run stand-alone or integrate with Help+Manual. The animated tutorials work in Webhelp, CHM files and Windows eBooks.

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