Help+Manual Translation Assistant

Translate and Synchronize Help+Manual Projects

Help+Manual Translation Assistant (HMTA) is a powerful tool for translating Help+Manual documentation projects. It has all the features translators need to perform both original translations and updates.

HMTA does a direct side-by-side comparison between old and new versions for all translatable content in the project (not just the topics). It can auto-sync two projects, or let you manually synchronize the differences.

The translation assistant is a stand-alone application complementing our authoring tool Help+Manual.


Integrated Editors

Key Features


Old and new original comparison

Includes AI-Based DeepL Machine Translation

The regular translation features are combined with the amazing power of DeepL machine translation. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence systems, DeepL produces translations that are massively better than anything you have seen before. Where machine translation used to be more of a joke, with DeepL you get a genuinely usable translation that usually only requires minimal editing. Professional translators have described the results as "frighteningly good".

HMTA integrates the revolutionary DeepL AI-based machine translation system, with bulk translation and support for 24 languages. It can translate your entire project in just a couple of minutes, and the results are so good that they require minimum editing. Using DeepL can save you well over 90% of your regular translation costs and time.


DeepL Machine Translation


Export Translation Packages

In addition to the built-in translation functions and support for DeepL's machine translation, HMTA can export a dedicated translation package for external translation agencies.

The package is a zip archive that includes a regular Help+Manual project, plus all the images referenced by the project. However, the project excerpt contains only those topics, TOC entries and configuration strings, that have actually changed.



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