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Special characters, lines and breaks

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Like most modern word processors Help+Manual can also insert special characters not available on the keyboard, horizontal lines and hard page breaks.

Please note that special characters and hard page breaks need to be used with consideration for the limitations of your chosen output format: If the fonts required for the characters are not available on the user's computer the characters will not be displayed.

Page breaks are also inserted in HTML and will work there in browsers that interpret them correctly.

Solving the "characters not available" problem

Symbols and special characters are frequently a problem. Even though they may display fine on your computer, you will have issues if the user does not have the corresponding fonts installed. Either they will see garbage characters, like a square or question mark, or worse, the wrong character. This applies in particular if you use dedicated symbol fonts like Font Awesome or Fontello.

Convert symbol characters to SVG graphics

In both HTML and print (PDF and Word) output, Help+Manual can solve this problem by automatically converting symbol characters to scalable SVG graphics. This display with exactly the same quality as font characters and they have great advantages:

They always work. Since the SVG is the character it cannot happen that it will be displayed incorrectly

The quality is the same as font characters, at all sizes.

In HTML web fonts are often blocked by security settings and ad blockers. That can't happen with SVG characters.

See Converting symbol fonts to SVG for maximum reliability further below in this topic for details on how to use this feature.

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