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The Open dialog page is primarily for opening existing HelpXplain projects and static images for editing. In addition to this you can also import PowerPoint presentations to use their contents and layout.


Purpose and location:

Open Xplain projects and static images for editing and import PowerPoint presentations.

Location: File > Open

Right-click menu:

You can remove individual or all items from the recently opened files list with the right-click context menu. This also includes an option to show the saved Xplain in Windows Explorer.



Recent files:

Just select a recent file in the list on the right to open it. You can pin a file to the top of the list with the pin icon to the right of each file. The right-click context menu allows you to remove individual or all files from the list.

Browse and open:

Locate and open HelpXplain .xplain projects.

Open picture:

Locate and open individual images for editing in HelpXplain.

Open PowerPoint:

Load and convert a Microsoft PowerPoint® file.