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Google Analytics: new tracking script with more options

Webhelp output includes a new Google Analytics tracking script. You can specify the tracker name (if not specified, the default name is used) and optionally track not just page names, but page names with path. This is especially useful if you have multiple Webhelp systems online that all report to the same GA account.

New Google Analytics Options

New Google Analytics Options

More advanced figure and table counters with tables of figures in PDF

The new figure and table counters now include tables of figures, tables and other elements in both PDF and Word output. The numbering system is smarter and much easier to handle and includes new, stand-alone "figure captions" that you can use for images, tables and any other elements you want to number them. The will be listed in the tables of figures and can be referred to in See figure xxx references and hyperlinks. See the new Figure and table counters topic for details.

HTML Help (.chm): automatically embed external files by extension

When you publish a CHM file that links to external documents, these documents are normally separate and shipped along with the help file. And it makes sense to do that.

However, some documents such as PDF and text files could be embedded into a CHM file. This new export option embeds external files that are referred by file links:

New HTML Help Publishing Option

New HTML Help Publishing Option

Magnifying glass icon on image toggles

Image toggles are now exported with a magnifying glass icon that make its function obvious to the user.


Modular projects

Modular projects can be changed without deleting them

You can now change modular projects without having to delete them first. You just select the project in the TOC, then select the Bind to another project button and you can replace it with a different project.

Improved handling of modular projects in the Project Synchronizer

In the past, the Project Synchronizer for updating translations would cause problems with project modules if the modules in the translated version of the project had different names. For example, if an English project MASTER_EN.hmxp references a sub-project called CHILD_EN.hmxp, it is likely that the German version MASTER_DE.hmxp will reference a child called CHILD_DE.hmxp. In the past, the Synchronizer would change the the module names to the ones used in the original master. Version 8 no longer does this. Now, CHILD_DE.hmxp in the translated version will remain unchanged, even if the corresponding module in the original version is called CHILD_EN.hmxp.

Project reports

Topics in the project report can now also be sorted by user names, along with the modification date.


New international languages added to the support list

You can now also create Help+Manual projects in Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Bashkir, Bosnian, Breton, Burmese, Catalan, Corsican, Kazakh, Luxembourgish, Mongolian, Yoruba, Zulu. Wamukelekile!