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Help+Manual 7.0.5 Released – Responsive Webhelp Skins Updated!

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 7.0.5!

This update focuses on updated skins. All responsive Webhelp skins have been updated and improved, with new re-designed icons with more distinctive shapes, more colors additional buttons (optional print button, a button to expand toggle-texts) and improved responsive behaviour.

Responsive Skins Updated

The updated responsive Webhelp skins are easier to customize and to translate. Background colors and icons colors have been moved to variables, all translatable texts are variables as well. So by opening one of the skins and modifying a few variables, you can easily customize the look and feel to your own needs, and translate it into your language, if required.

To customize a Webhelp skin, start with the included skin file “Webhelp, iFrames Responsive, Blue.hmskin” and make a copy of this skin. Open the copy in Help+Manual and navigate to the “Variables” configuration section as shown below. Modify colors as needed and recompile your help project with the modified skin to see the results. All text captions are implemented as variables to easy translation into other languages.


Changes, bug-fixes and improvements in 7.0.5

  • The three basic CHM skins now have an optional print button (this was implemented after several user requests, although the CHM viewer has a dedicated print button on the toolbar, but here you go)
  • Responsive Webhelp skins have new icons with a more exact shape and and additional optional print button. Colors and icon sets are implemented with variables to make changes to the look & feel much easier. All caption texts are translatable. Responsive behaviour has been improved and a small optical glitch was fixed, to adjust the vertical position of the page propertly, when linking to a topic anchor.
  • Word/DOCX export: some style combinations did not work in Word – text styles with bold and/or italic font style did not always appear bold/italic in MS Word.
  • Photoshop images: the plugin for native PSD images was defunct
  • Old Winhelp-style SHG images: converting hard-coded hotspots from manually inserted SHG files did not retain the image hotspots properly.
  • MOBI/Kindle command line compilation did not work
  • OLE equation objects: MathType equation objects did not update their size right after inserting a new equation.
  • Webhelp output with image hotspots: the CSS for image hotspots has been changed to make the hotspots work better with mobile devices (some mobile browsers ignored the hotspots, because the were initially invisible).
  • PDF manual designer: several minor improvements and one error fixed
  • PDF output with “CID font embedding”: better handling of text symbols and bullets.
  • Topic editor: when selecting an entire table with the context menu for copy & paste, the resulting paste command copied only the table cells content, but not the entire table.
  • Last, not least, we have implemented ad-hoc variables that calculate expressions. These new variables are mostly used in skins to make the end-user configuration of skins easier. More on calculation variables in a later article in this blog!

Get the update

If you have installed Help+Manual 7 already, please download and install the 7.0.5 update over your existing installation. The setup will recognize the previous installation and update it accordingly:

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