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SnipSVG 1.2 Update

We are glad to announce the second update of SnipSVG, our new free screen capture and image editing tool for Windows and macOS!

SnipSVG uses SVG vector images as its primary format. SVG images can be used directly in HTML and many other applications. They give you the same sharp quality at all zoom settings, and unlike JPG or PNG images you can always edit all the elements of the image separately.

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Picture crop: Border trim function implemented. The border trim crops an image by a fixed amount of pixels. This function is particularly useful to remove the visible 1-pixel border from Windows 11 screenshots. Windows 11 displays borders with a translucent color,  so that the window background may shine through, resulting an a thin border line with mixed colors.
  • File menu: the Close command got a keyboard shortcut – CTRL+W. This shortcut closes the current tab. To quickly close the current tab without being asked to save the changes, you can use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+W.
  • Bugfix in Save-to-SVG: the plain text version of text objects and shapes with text exported the wrong text color. It had written the color code as “BGR” instead of “RGB” and this has affected all text that was not black, white or green.



Please download SnipSVG from the SnipSVG homepage.

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