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SnipSVG 1.1 Update

We are glad to announce the first update of SnipSVG, our new free screen capture and image editing tool for Windows and macOS!

SnipSVG uses SVG vector images as its primary format. SVG images can be used directly in HTML and many other applications. They give you the same sharp quality at all zoom settings, and unlike JPG or PNG images you can always edit all the elements of the image separately.

SnipSVG for Windows and macOS
SnipSVG for Windows and macOS


Changes in Version 1.1

  • Windows version, minimize to tray: the option to save all tabs has been changed to “close all tabs”
  • Load from SVG: bug fixes when reading numbering tags and text objects from SVG
  • Share with numbering tags: numbering tags with labels use the label text for the description table
  • Share as RTF with numbering tags: numbering table descriptions are black text (they had picked up the color of the numbering tag before)
  • Paste from HelpXplain: paste of entire slides disabled, all pasted objects become unlocked and visible.
  • Paste file link to an SVG file from clipboard created an error
  • Toolbar Select button now not just ends insert mode, but clears selection as well



Please download SnipSVG from the SnipSVG homepage.


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