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eWriter Viewer 4.0 with Ziphelp Support

We have updated eWriter Viewer to version 4. Both, the Windows and MacOS versions are available from the eWriter download page. Viewer redistributables have been updated as well:

About Ziphelp

On the surface, Ziphelp is HTML5 in a zip archive. Pack any folder with HTML pages into a regular zip file, rename the extension to “.zhelp” and the eWriter viewer will open it. This not just works for Help+Manual’s Webhelp output, but for any HTML.

But Ziphelp is more than that, it is a protocol based on the standard sitemap protocol, designed to give a help viewer extended information about the content of the help system, in order to provide context-sensitive help to an application. Locally, on the web, and mixed.

More information about Ziphelp:
Ziphelp Documentation


Open-Source Delphi Implementation

For Embarcadero Delphi, we have published an open-source cross-platform implementation of the Ziphelp protocol, together with a help viewer that embeds and displays Ziphelp directly in a Delphi application.

Delphi Ziphelp on MacOS

Delphi project page on Sourceforge


Other Programming Languages

Ziphelp is an open protocol which can be implemented natively in almost every modern cross-platform development tool. If there is no native implementation for Ziphelp in your development environment, use our free redistributables of the eWriter Viewer:

eWriter as Application Help


Ziphelp Support in Help+Manual

The upcoming release of Help+Manual 9.3 is going to support Ziphelp out of the box with the Webhelp publishing format.

Ziphelp in Help+Manual 9.3

You can download a pre-release version of Help+Manual 9.3 here



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