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HelpXplain with Audio Support is Coming!

HelpXplain version 1.1 is coming! We have implemented audio support already, though the final touch needs to be applied. With the original release of HelpXplain three months ago, it was already clear that silent presentations are not sufficient. You guys want audio support. We promised audio support to be implemented soon and we are going to deliver.

The next update of HelpXplain will include full audio support! There is background audio that can play in an endless loop, there are individual audio objects and voice-overs per slide. Audio objects can be played in sync with other animations, they can play automatically or can be triggered by the click of a button. Our audio engine is pretty much working already and on top of it, we have implemented a handy litte voice recorder, right where you need it.

HelpXplain with Audio Support and Voice Recorder

Audio example

How does audio work and sound like? Click on this audio example to view it:

HelpXplain Summer Promotion is Ending

If you were not sure whether to get HelpXplain or not because of the missing audio support, rest assured that it will be here in just a couple of weeks. Until August 31, you can still purchase HelpXplain at half of the regular price. Don’t miss this offer!

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