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Help+Manual 8.2.1 Maintenance Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 8.2.1. If you are using version 8 already, this update is included in your maintenance plan. Just download the setup and run it to update your current installation.

Changes and Additions in v8.2.1

WEBP Image Format

Help+Manual natively supports the WEBP image format. You can use WEBP as regular images or toggle images. When creating Webhelp, WEBP images are exported native. For all other output formats, Help+Manual converts WEBP to 32-bit PNG images, to ensure compatibility. Please be aware that WEBP images are yet not supported by all web browsers. If you use the WEBP format, these pictures might not be visible in Webhelp in older browsers.

Copy & Paste Operations

When pasting images from the clipboard into a topic and saving it in PNG format, the alpha-transparency of the clipboard image is preserved. In addition to this, you can copy & paste image files from Windows Explorer into a topic.

One particular change has been applied for the SnagIt screen capture tool: SnagIt is capable of creating transparent images, but does not place a transparent picture on the clipboard. However, it places a piece of HTML code on the clipboard, which links to a transparent PNG image. You can now copy & paste transparent images from SnagIt by using the “Paste HTML” function.

SVG in Word

Version 8.2.1 exports SVG images to Word in native format, including a PNG fallback for older Word versions. This will increase the size of the Word document, but offers a much improved print quality for SVG images. Also updated: export of a Table of Figures and a Table of Tables.

Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Weblinks: the Insert Link dialog now supports the extended rel-attribute. The encoding of Weblinks in HTML has changed to support both, non-escaped special characters as well as escaped special characters.
  • Error on start fixed (in rare cases, an Index-out-of-bounds error occurred right after the start of Help+Manual).
  • Convert to plain text: when selecting multiple table cells, this could have triggered an error.
  • XML Code: the internal list IDs are now consequently numbered from 1 to XX. Before this change, they had more or less random internal IDs that have changed with every topic modification. This update makes it easier to compare topic files for changes.
  • AuthorIT Import: the import of AuthorIT projects has received a major update. We implemented a new option to keep or discard the AIT folder structure during the import and have fixed several formatting bugs where styles were not imported correctly (table styles, paragraph styles, tabbed text, list numbering).
  • DeepL Translation Plugin: the translation glossary is now applied to plain text as well (topic captions and keywords).
  • PDF Export: linked external PDF files that were supposed to be embedded were not automatically embedded anymore, starting with v8.2.0.
  • eWriter Viewer: the viewer did not remember the position, if the viewer window was maximized on a secondary monitor.
  • Webhelp Export: the default CSS file was generally ANSI-encoded, but should be UTF-8 encoded.


Help+Manual 8.2.1 is available from our download page:

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