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Premium Pack 3.42/3.43 Maintenance Update

Versions 3.42/3.43 of the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on is primarily a maintenance update. It is recommended for all Premium Pack users because it corrects several small but potentially annoying issues.

How to Get the Premium Pack Update:

You can download and install the updated version with the credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out. See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.

3.43 Additional Corrections

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  • Incorrect comma-separated skip words in search options (Skins and Toolbox)
    Due to an old bug in Help+Manual itself, some skins contained comma-separated excluded words in the search settings. The WebHelp indexer ignored these skip words. This has been corrected to space separated in all skins. Toolbox will now automatically check for and correct this setting when any skin or Help+Manual project is opened.
  • Popup help window was exclusive (Toolbox)
    An error in 3.42 made the popup help window for settings exclusive so that you needed to close it to move to another setting.
  • Editor not found check (Toolbox)
    Toolbox now checks whether your selected editors for code files and graphics have become unavailable before using them.
  • Configuration variable validity checking (Toolbox)
    The performance of the validity checks for non Premium Pack settings and non-configured settings has been improved.
  • WebHelp templates in CHM skins (V2 CHM skins)
    The unnecessary WebHelp templates have been disabled in the CHM skins so that they can no longer be accidentally selected in Toolbox.


V3 Skins Maintenance Update

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  • Add/Remove Topic ID Prefixes function (Toolbox)
    In some cases, the Add/Remove Topic ID Prefixes function would hang and fail to complete, particularly with older projects. This has been corrected. The function now also aborts with a warning if a topic containing invalid XML code is encountered and checks whether duplicate topic IDs would be created when removing topic ID prefixes.
  • Configuration help window too far on top (Toolbox)
    The popup help window for variable configuration etc. was displayed on top of all programs on the Windows screen. It is now only on top of Toolbox itself.
  • Variables to adjust navigation tab positions (V3 skins)
    The V3 skins now have new variables in the TOC, Index and Search section which allow you to fine-adjust the vertical position of the navigation tabs. This can be necessary if you change the base font of your project, which can change the physical size of the relative rems units used in the layout.
  • Bug in Edge browser when viewing WebHelp without a web server (V3 WebHelp skins)
    The V3 WebHelp skins allow you to view WebHelp locally, without a web server. This was not possible in the new Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 due to a bug in Edge. A workaround has now been added to deal with this bug.
  • Scrolling to anchors (V3 skins)
    The scroll position of an external link targeting an anchor could be wrong if the width of the navigation pane had been previously changed by the user, or if the help window was narrow enough so that the navigation pane overlaps the topic pane. Scrolling now waits for completion of topic positioning.
  • Multiple clicks on keyword index entries and search results (V3 skins)
    A second click on a keyword index or search results topic link caused the breadcrumb trail to change to >No TOC entry for this topic<. This was a side-effect of another recent correction.
  • Multiple clicks on search results – visual side-effects (V3 skins)
    In some cases, multiple clicks on the same search results topic link could make part of the breadcrumb navigation to become progressively more transparent and less legible. Another side effect of this was that it was sometimes necessary to click twice on a search result to display highlights on the found search terms in the topic.
  • Overlapping TOC scrollbar (V3 skins)
    In the EWriter skins and in the WebHelp skins when displayed in Internet Explorer the vertical scrollbar in the table of contents and the keyword index panes sometimes overlapped its border slightly at the top and bottom.
  • JavaScript warning in search results (V3 skins)
    In some configurations it was possible for the warning text that JavaScript must be on to view the help to be displayed in the context excerpt text for topics in the search results.
  • Opening toggles for search results (CHM skins)
    A change in Windows stopped toggles on the page from opening to show the highlighted search items in CHM files when jumping to a topic from the CHM search results.


Extended support for the full version of the Zoom web search indexer

[showhide type=”zoomsupport” more_text=”Click for details” less_text=”Click to hide”]If you are using the full version of the Zoom web indexer from Wrensoft instead of the integrated version included with Help+Manual you can now use the advanced features listed below with both the V3 skins and the V2 WebHelp skins. In addition to this the layout of the search pages in all skins has been reworked and improved.

With the exception of thumbnail images these features are also supported in Help+Manual’s standard skins, but just “as is”. They have now been explicitly integrated in the layout of the V2 and V3 WebHelp skins, where some of them did not appear correctly before because of the customized layouts.

  • Thumbnail images
    You can associate images with individual topics to be displayed as a thumbnail next to the topic listing in the search results. This needs to be configured in your project to associate images with your topics. See the V3 WebHelp skins and the V2 WebHelp skins topics for instructions.
  • Autocomplete
    The full version of Zoom features an autocomplete feature that shows a list of terms included in the help as the user is typing in the search box.
  • Categories
    You can assign categories to your topics and search will then allow you to filter your search results by these categories.
  • Date range search
    Restrict the search results to topics with dates falling within a specific range (desktop browsers only).
  • Recommended links
    Display predefined links to external web pages for specific search keywords, optionally with a thumbnail image sourced from the web page.
  • Search optimization
    Further enhance your search results with weighting, filtering, synonyms, recommended links


More information

See the Premium Pack information page for general details and purchase information and the Premium Pack web-based documentation for full instructions.

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Broken YouTube videos in CHM – and how to fix it

With Help+Manual 7 we have introduced web-based videos like YouTube and Vimeo for embedding videos in help files. Especially YouTube worked like a charm in CHM files – until recently.

After a change in the YouTube scripts, the videos – when clicked to play – might trigger a Javascript error. The reason for this error is, that the script expects a “newer” version of MS Internet Explorer, it requires MSIE 9 as the minimum.

The Windows HTML Help viewer internally uses the rendering engine of MS Internet Explorer to display CHM files. By default, it runs with MSIE 7, even if a newer version is installed. To force the CHM viewer to use a newer rendering engine, it can be elevated with a HTML meta tag. We do this with all our CHM templates and skins, and the default elevation for CHM files was MSIE 8 so far. With the recent change in the YouTube scripts, it requires MSIE 9 or higher.


A quick and easy fix

To fix the YouTube problem, you need to apply a small change to the skins or HTML templates that you publish your CHM files with. Here is a step-by-step instruction:

  • If you publish CHM with a skin, open the skin file in Help+Manual
  • If you publish without a skin, open the help project in Help+Manual
  • In the Project Explorer, navigate to Configuration > HTML Page Templates > Default
  • Switch to the HTML source code tab
  • Locate the line with “X-UA-Compatible” in the HTML code editor
  • Change it to “IE=9” or “IE=edge
  • Publish your CHM file again




This modification will be part of the next update of Help+Manual. However, your customized skins will need a manual tweak though – just follow the steps described above.

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Premium Pack 3 and Help+Manual 7.0.8 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the all-new Premium Pack 3 with advanced responsive skins. This is accompanied by Help+Manual 7.0.8 with new features to support the new skins and a set of demo Premium Pack 3 skins. Help & Manual 7.0.7 or higher is required to use the new responsive skins.

See the Premium Pack product page for more details on Premium Pack 3 and visit our online store to purchase.

Premium Pack 3: Responsive. Fast. Embedded. WebHelp.

A single WebHelp site now works smoothly on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers, with an optimized user interface for each device type. Even large TOCs and keyword indexes are handled well on smartphones. And browsing has been optimized for lightning-fast topic loading. These skins represent the first iteration of our new online help format, which we call WebHelp 3. This has been made possible by a number of new technologies that we have been working on for the last eighteen months.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive – create one WebHelp site for desktop, tablet and phone browsers
  • Frameless topics – no more index.html layout page, the topic pages are your pages and their names are your URLs
  • Embedded WebHelp – embed your help in existing web pages with a snippet of code like a YouTube video
  • Field-level popups – display formatted popups from your help in your own web pages with simple links
  • Responsive X-tables – add a single setting to data tables to make them reformat automatically on mobile devices
  • Local WebHelp – deploy WebHelp locally without a web browser, even for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Fast browsing – highly optimized topic loading for extremely fast browsing
  • Scalable – user-adjustable text size for the best possible user experience.

Premium Pack Toolbox Configuration Utility

The Premium Pack now also comes with a configuration utility with direct help for every configuration setting when you select it. This also works with older Premium Pack skins and comes with a large number of additional advanced features for power users. For example, you can add features to skins that are normally only available in your project settings. And you can edit your templates and baggage files directly in your favorite code and graphics editors.

Help+Manual 7.0.8

Help+Manual 7.0.8 comes with a set of demo Premium Pack 3 skins that you can try out, plus support for the new features in the Premium Pack 3 skins. Help+Manual 7.0.7 or higher is required for using the responsive skins in Premium Pack 3.

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