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eWriter 2.0 released

eWriter is a converter application to turn HTML pages into a self-contained Windows executable or eBook. This output format is integrated into Help+Manual as well (and will soon become available in HelpXplain). The eWriter converter application is the free stand-alone version.

Redesigned Runtime Viewer

The viewer for eWriter eBooks is now a stand-alone app. We have completely rebuilt the viewer app with this version and made it (optionally) available as a separate installer. The viewer looks more modern, but more important is the new code base which it is built on: it is more or less platform-independent.

The eWriter Viewer app is currently available in 32 and 64 bit versions, and it is listed in the Microsoft Store:

The Microsoft Store listing is in fact the most important new feature in this version! Why? Because you can simply email an .ewriter eBook to a customer and if Windows doesn’t know how to open this file (and it normally doesn’t), it first suggests to look up the Store to find an app for it.

Guess what, it finds exactly the right viewer app, which can be installed with a single mouse click:

How to open an .ewriter file on Windows

eWriter eBooks in Help+Manual and HelpXplain

The new stand-alone eWriter Creator is just the beginning of this update series. We are going to integrate eWriter output into HelpXplain with the next version and, of course, Help+Manual will follow soon.

Stay tuned for more updates to come and enjoy the free eWriter Creator!



Download eWriter Creator stand-alone edition directly from our website:


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