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Premium Pack 5.1.0 maintenance update

We’re glad to announce the update of the Help+Manual Premium Pack add-on to version 5.1.0. This update includes a number of small but significant improvements to almost all the skins and is recommended for all users.

How to get the update:

You can download and install the update with the link and credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have these, just contact support by email and we will help you out.

What’s new in version 5.1.0:

V5 Cool Max Skins:
Improved performance on smartphones, particularly Android phones. 

All V3, V4 and V5 WebHelp Skins:
Removed a workaround for an outdated Android bug that caused the on-screen keyboard to pop up unnecessarily on current Android phones.

All V3, V4 and V5 WebHelp Skins:
Anchor IDs used in URLs are now case-insensitive. Filename references on Linux and Unix servers are still case-sensitive, however, because that depends on the server.

V3, V4 and V5 eWriter Skins:
Implemented modern narrow scroll bars instead of the boxy old scroll bars provided by the Windows Webview component, which is still based on Internet Explorer.

All V3, V4 and V5 eWriter and WebHelp skins:
A new skin settings option has been added to optionally prevent chapters from opening when they are linked to in an URL or on the first click in the TOC. This is off by default. This setting is accessed via the Skin Options button in Toolbox. Depending on the skin, it is called TOC_AUTOOPENCHAPTER or OPT_TOC_AUTOOPENCHAPTER.

CHM Skins:
Anchor IDs in calls to the CHM file from applications are now case-insensitive. (Filenames for CHM are always case-insensitive because CHM is a Windows system and Windows is case-insensitive.)

CHM Skins:
The color of the Header1 style used in the topic header was also applied to that style if the author used it in the topic body. Now, when Header1 is used in the topic body it keeps the color and other style configurations set by the author.

CHM Skins:
Anchor links in the TOC could fail in some cases if more than one of them was selected in succession.

CHM Skins:
Links to anchors in toggles now also work for nested toggles, the same way as in the WebHelp skins.

CHM Skins:
The vertical position of the topic header is now better centered.

General CSS improvements:
A number of small CSS changes have been made in multiple skins to fine-tune layout and design.

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