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Premium Pack 5.2 Update

This was originally planned to be a relatively small maintenance update, but the changes and improvements kept piling up so we have turned it into a full point update after all.

How to get the update:

You can download and install the update with the link and credentials you received when you purchased. If you no longer have these, just contact support by email and we will help you out.

See the rest of this post below the fold for full details on the update.

What’s New

Improvements to the Toolbox utility

  • Publish with Current Skin tool:
    The Publish with Current Skin tool now also supports publishing to eWriter as well as CHM and WebHelp. It automatically detects the current Premium Pack skin type and only permits publishing to matching output formats. (With non Premium Pack skins you still need to select the correct type yourself.) A number of errors resulting from recent changes in Help+Manual have also been corrected.
  • Editing unknown Baggage file types and SVG files:
    The Windows association selection dialog for selecting the correct application for editing is now displayed if you select an unknown file type for editing. SVG files are currently in the list for opening in the code editor list in Preferences. However, if you remove .svg from that list you can use the Windows association selection dialog to choose your SVG editor. For example, you could use SnipSVG to edit SVG files.
  • Prevent using Visual Studio as a code editor:
    It should not be possible to use the Visual Studio IDE as a code editor because this would cause errors. Toolbox will now actively prevent this. It is fine to use the standalone Visual Studio Code editor, however.
  • Check that current Help+Manual EXE is selected:
    If you have multiple versions of Help+Manual installed it is possible to have the HELPMAN.EXE file of an earlier version selected in the Toolbox preferences. Toolbox now performs a better check to make sure you are using the version in which it is itself installed.

General skin improvements

  • Restore scroll position on browser Previous/Next:
    WebHelp and eWriter skins including the V2 and V2 Modern skins now automatically restore the topic scroll position and toggle open/closed status when you return to a topic with the browser’s Previous/Next buttons. This is supported for the last 10 topics visited. Opening topics with links, the TOC and the Previous/Next navigation buttons opens the topics normally at the top.
  • Default image toggle close mode:
    In some skins the IMGTOGGLE_CLOSEMODE variable was still set to clickoutside by default, which closes image toggles when the user clicks outside the expanded image. This can be difficult when the image is expanded too large to be able to click outside of it. The default is now clickinside.

V2 combined WebHelp and eWriter skins

  • Links to anchors:
    Links to anchors sometimes didn’t flash the target to identify it.
  • Links to anchors from outside or from other pages sometimes unnecessarily flashed the page before scrolling.

eWriter skins

  • Featured image bug:
    If the Featured image feature was on there was sometimes an unnecessary gap at the beginning of a topic in pages without a featured image. This error was introduced recently because of changes in the eWriter format.
  • Keyword index:
    If the full expand option for the keyword index in desktop mode was on it failed in recent versions of Firefox. This has been corrected and the expand method used has been changed to be generally more reliable.

CHM Skins

  • Links to embedded files:
    These failed if the fix for relative file links in CHM was active.
  • Auto-TOC for topic headings:
    When the Auto-TOC for headings in topics was on in CHM the links to second-level topics in the Auto-TOC no longer worked. It is not quite clear when this error snuck in, but it has now been corrected.
  • Publishing CHM with Help+Manual Standard:
    In some cases errors could occur when publishing with the CHM skins with the Standard version of Help+Manual 9. This has been corrected. However, you should also update to the latest version of Help+Manual 9 to completely resolve this issue.


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